World Notice of Africans Denied VISAS to Attend the African Global Economic and Development Summit

Los Angeles, CA / March 27, 2017 – The African Global Economic and Development Summit (AGED Summit), produced by the Global Green Development Group and co-sponsored by the USC Black Alumni Association, has been held each year at the University of Southern California campus since 2013. The AGED Summit has been successfully building bridges and creating trade links for business between America and Africa. Subject Matter Experts, Guest Speakers, Government Officials, Dignitaries, Investors, Leaders, Organizations, Businesses, and Concerned Citizens who have an interest in Africa, her business, growth, and success attend the AGED Summit from around the world.

Ms. Mary Flowers, AGED Summit Founder, and Event Chair has traveled to Africa with her husband Walton for over 25 years opening up business and trade opportunities. “Africa has unique ways of doing business. We have created this bridge to help people understand how to do business with Africa and address the concerns that have been a barrier to doing business there.” Although some concerns are valid, there are many great opportunities for business in this mineral rich, culturally diverse continent with 54 countries, 1.1 billion people, and many growth industries.

A few of the guests had their visas denied in previous years and were unable to attend the event. However, this year, at the AGED Summit 2017 event, and in light of the new Trump Administration travel ban, none of the guests from Africa could attend. 100% of the guests from Africa applying for visas were categorically denied entry into the United States. This included Government Officials, Dignitaries, Intellectuals, and established business owners who were seeking to attend the conference, do business with America, learn about new technologies and trade opportunities, share Information, and exchange resources in business, banking, education, technology, ecology, media, entertainment, art, culture and more.

The United Nations declared 2015-2024 as the International Decade for Peoples of African Descent and 2017 as the Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. This global outlook and intention to be more inclusive are contrary to how the Africans, religious groups, and other minorities are being treated by the current Trump Administration. The denial of African attendance at the 2017 AGED Summit has received support and media coverage from around the globe from organizations including; Voice of America, The Guardian, Indy 100 – Independent,, Perception Global Media, Urban Intellectuals, Democracy Now,, Atlanta Black Star, Africa Cable Network, Africa Daily, The Los Angeles Sentinel, and the Universal Citizens Media Network, to name a few. The emphatic denial of visas for ALL Africans seeking to come to America and attend the AGED Summit indicates a much bigger problem. It undermines good business, trade opportunities, and is perceived by some as the American government’s discrimination against doing business with Africa.

In the “Mental Incarceration, The Silent Oppressor” article published by the United Nations “Impakter” magazine, author Lady Hamilton addresses the impact of government and leaders operating in fear on society. While balance is being sought by the United Nations through the UN Sustainable Development Goals, world leaders and those who support leaving no one behind; light is being shed on the growing number of disenfranchised communities and US Allies who are currently facing alienation and discrimination in the United States.

Ms. Flowers and her organization Global Green Development Group seek to build bridges with Africa through the AGED Summits. Although challenging these good intentions is an Administration set on building walls, there are fortunately many organizations that demonstrate UN Sustainable Development Goal #17, Global Partnerships for Sustainable Development and leaving no one behind.

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